This video was made for Ela-Mo, the brand designing and producing those backpacks and other item-carrying pieces.
The goal was to create video-content that featured the design and functionality of their Rolltop collection.

As most of the advertising will happen on SoMe platforms, it was crucial to generate video material that is expandable. The idea was to make a Flagship-video showing all the designs and every functionality, and harvest as much cut-downs and variations as possible.

The main video itself exists in 3 different standard formats, which themselves can be cut down into shorter segments for different applications.

The way to go

After a detailed briefing with the client I gather all the information regarding what the content of the video should have: from the lenght of the video itself, to the different aspects that they wish to have featured in it. From this i will start proposing a storyboard and art direction.

Communication is key to make shure every detail has been discussed and agreed by the client before going in to the production phase. It is especially important for stop-motion animation as a reshoot is not intented. As a final step of preparation I deliver an pre-animated video to get a precise idea of timing and how things are going to move.

A backpack is a good example of a manufactured product that has practical features to show and usually many different models to advertise as well.
Stop-Motion Animation comes in handy with such products for the simple fact that they are physical objects that can be easily brought to life.